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2013-04-02 09:59

Whether you were the shy one at high school or the most popular person on campus, starting university is a clean slate for everyone.


It's the best time to develop your skills with different people, such as teachers, classmates, and roommates. Your social skills and relationships with people in college will have an influence long after you graduate.


Here are some tips on developing your people skills at college.


Put yourself out there and meet new people


You're very likely to make some lifelong friendships at college. But before you get there you have to start by making acquaintances.


Upperclassmen and the college itself will organize events to introduce you and your peers to each other and the new college environment. For the sake of improving your social skills early on, attend every single one.


Join clubs that fit your interests. You can meet many people there and it's a safe bet that you will have something in common.


Being active on social networks, such as Renren and micro blogs, is also a good way to meet people, especially if you're not so good at face-to-face conversation.


Always open yourself to conversation


Your chances of making new friends depends on your ability to get a friendly vibe across.


Simple gestures, such as moving your things from a chair when someone is looking for a place in the canteen, can make you seem more open to conversation. You can also take out your earphones when someone asks to share a table with you in the common room while you're studying.


Try to get along with roommates


Getting along with roommates is a challenge you'd be wise to overcome. You live together, so you will often spend time together without even trying to. It's important to make sure that dorm life doesn't make you unhappy.


You should be cautious about confronting your roommates over any problems, especially if you have only just met. Remember, be polite but firm.


The key is to set expectations and clear boundaries from the beginning. Let your roommates know your life habits, but also observe and respect theirs. Sleeping times and studying schedules, visiting friends and cleaning duties are just some of the topics you should discuss.


Avoid drama and gossip


As you already know from high school, your social life will be much more pleasant if you avoid causing and getting caught up in drama, no matter whether in class, dorm, or elsewhere.


When it comes to gossip, learn to keep your mouth shut and you'll avoid trouble. This is especially important if you live in a dorm, where staying away from someone you've offended is difficult.


Romance, or not?


Romantic relationships are usually inevitable in college life. Maybe you've just come through a breakup because you and your boyfriend/girlfriend have gone to different cities. Or maybe you are single and you now think you have the freedom to fall in love with whomever you please.


It's possible that you will find the love of your life in college, but take it slow, and don't get attached to a significant other as soon as you get to college. He or she will become your crutch and you will lose out on meeting other people and potential friends.


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